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Providing an Opportunity for Kids to Live up to their Fullest

For over 50 years, Opportunities Inc has been providing enhanced and comprehensive support for children and adults with developmental disabilities and delays. Their goal is to promote their well being and social inclusion.

Recent estimates show that around 15% of children ages 3-17 have a learning, language, physical, or behavioral impairment. Meaningful strides have been made within the last decades when it comes to securing and claiming a deserving role in society for individuals with developmental disabilities. However, challenges still remain, and making available the best therapies, training and family support services are imperative in order to prepare children for school, assist adults to enter the workforce and learn living skills, and ensure everyone with special needs succeeds to their fullest potential.

Our agency is vested in supporting the ongoing efforts of Opportunities Inc. We personally invite you to take action and join us as we raise support for individuals and their families living with developmental disabilities.

Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to get an insurance quote from us and we’ll donate $10 for every person you recommend! It’s that easy!!!

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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Providing an Opportunity for Kids to Live up to their Fullest on Crowdrise